Shortly after he returned regarding palace Kuon sings him a tune when he sleeps

It’s required one Kuon sooner match that have Haku truly on top of a similar ruins in which she first-found your.

Relationships [ ]

  • Kuon – She actually is Haku’s guardian, or so she states plus they consider one another since family members. Already, there isn’t any intimate thoughts inside anywhere between the woman and Haku, but still she cares having your. The woman is a bit of a slave driver as well due to the fact she usually forces Haku to be hired, which could be her very own technique for and come up with him independent and credible. Then in the Futari no Hakuowlo they truly became several.

Unique Faculties (??)

Just after the battle against the Uzuurusha finished, She attempted to brighten him up on a night out together and have your a relationship page at which Haku didn’t some understand what she designed to state thereon letter. At the time whenever Yamato announces combat on Tuskur he had been a little concerned with Kuon, He tried to ask their if the she may help your to help you submit provides so you can Yamato armies although both both failed to consent concerning conflict, but when he understands that she isn’t really within her area after that the guy searched every-where to find this lady, from which they hints you to definitely Haku in addition to cares much to own Kuon. Haku try amazed to see Kuon towards other people prepared to depart was and you will she grins from the Haku having a pleased and you can happy deal with. The guy features her team. Just before their coming so you’re able to Tuskur, Haku asks their when the she is ok because of the permitting Yamato intrusion, she answers him of the explaining this lady eliminate to have prevent the war due to the fact she declares herself once the simply who’ll. Shortly after retreating from Tuskur, Kuon gave your certain providers and expected your regarding their anxiety of one’s Emperor’s demise, because Haku does not get into Yamato Amarillo best hookup apps. Adopting the race facing Vurai, he becomes wanting to meet with Kuon therefore the other people in the Ennakamuy. Unfortuitously, Oshtor’s passing required you to definitely Haku has to take their location to manage Anju by the hit their hide and dresses, therefore faking their demise so you can Kuon’s grief and you may Haku’s sadness. Because Kuon renders Ennakamuy, Haku involved to disclose themselves to the girl however, their responsibility as the Oshtor forces your to prevent. When he sit until the individuals of Ennakamuy he continues to have the iron lover you to Kuon provided him. It’s pointed out that Haku it really is cares getting Kuon however, their uncertain if the he’s thoughts for her. But not is hinted he desires to end up being together with her.

From inside the Mask of Information, Kuon has actually hard thinking into the Oshtor since the once the she saw him as the guilty of Haku’s “death” and you may she actually travelled to the a fury whenever she (along with her title hidden) observes your using Tessen and you may claiming which he wielded they to help you award a buddy. Crazy, she first started really overcoming and you can might have continued to help you or even getting Anju’s disturbance. Their overhearing Oshtor muttering anything she knows just Haku will say instantaneously results in the woman suspecting their real identity and you can catches their off-guard such one she is not able to are experts in the girl battle with Anju. Because of such events she calls from Tuskur’s structured intrusion out of Yamato and you will productivity towards the classification significantly less than the lady past guise. She actually is hoping from the Oshtor’s correct title, she starts to clean out him very much the same means she treated Haku. She’s surprised regarding exactly what he is capable of because of the top the war, however, more when fighting greater opponents such as for instance Mikazuchi and you can Entering in the Akuruka’s setting. She’s concerned with your using the Akuruka because is also prey on his lives. Kuon declines that as good excuse because the and you may she’ll wait a little for to have their answer.