Christina fled on the palace from the Arbor faction and expected your to help you companion the girl in order to Rodania

When Rio covertly check outs Beltrum 4 decades later, the guy regrets that he was not there whenever Celia try obligated to get the short heap of the governmental content going on about empire and you will desires to understand the lady genuine ideas regarding their wedding immediately after coming to your the girl greatly protected room. Despite Rio’s insistence she tells Rio to go rather than attend the woman procession that Rio unwillingly accepts. Once gathering more details concerning wedding and you will discovering you to definitely Celia will be made use of because a give up, Rio interrupts the new parade, remaining their face undetectable and you will keeps Celia hostage before everyone in the kingdom and once even more requires Celia about the woman correct attitude (telepathically), stating that this woman is very important to him, in which he does not want to look for this lady dignity becoming trampled when he just sits doing. (Volume 5)

A short while later, Rio takes the woman within his care and attention, during which the lady feelings to own your remain expanding more powerful for the part in which she significantly falls in love with your, providing envious whenever she realized Aishia and Rio slept from inside the a comparable sleep. Aishia aids Celia and you may informs the girl to bed together very most of the step three can just sleep along with her that she believes but says that this woman is merely undertaking to help you track Rio and you will Aishia. Rio is actually surprised whenever Celia bluntly stated that she trusts Rio and thinks he won’t lie to help you her when he was heading to disclose their reincarnation so you can the girl, a well known fact that produces your feel well. Aisha was also pleased during the simple fact that Celia got acknowledged all the edges from Rio. (Frequency 6)

Even though she experienced a little conflicted from the proven fact that the majority of Rio’s family unit members was lovable female, (Sara, Alma, Orphia, Miharu, etc.) she thought very happy you to Rio are in the middle of such loving somebody and family members instead of into brand new academy. (Volume nine)

But you’re crucial as well, Teacher Celia. In the event the Amakawa Haruto’s teens friend are Miharu, following Rio’s youth friend are Celia Claire. That’s what I think, at the least”, hinting you to Rio might also has actually attitude for Celia just like the Amakawa Haruto was in love having Miharu. (Frequency 11)

Blooms Beltram [ ]

On account of their record from the Beltrum empire (wrongly charged) Rio is quite cautious about Flora. Meanwhile, he has got zero grudge up against Blooms as he knows she performed perhaps not frame your throughout the outdoor exercise, he expected not to meet with her (volume seven). Blossoms ‘s the earliest that throughout the Beltrum empire in order to think Rio’s the disguise. Through the their weeks at the academy, Flora is sad watching the procedure Rio acquired on the nobles and constantly planned to talk to your. Blossoms enjoys high appreciate getting Rio.

Christina Beltrum [ ]

Rio earliest met Christina from the slums because the she was appearing on her abducted Flora. She did not understand how to relate solely to well-known individuals and you may slapped him once the she thought he kidnapped the woman aunt. Throughout their date during the academy, she averted talking-to him and don’t oppose framing him to own the fresh new outside drill event. Decades later, she fits Rio from the banquet regarding the Galarc empire presenting this new character Satsuki, and you can even after being spotted of the Arbor faction, privately thanked him to possess saving the girl sibling into the Amande. Rio match along with her once more as he comes with Celia so you’re able to Creia. Viewing the fresh new trust anywhere between Rio and you will Celia, she candidates Amakawa Haruto getting Rio, a suspicion confirmed because of the Reiss later on.

The relationship which have Rio is fairly romantic and now have friendly. Gigi commonly foretells Rio, she along with offers money so you can Rio to have blk mobile site eating in the morning, Gigi constantly observe Rio in this way. Sadly, Gigi had been slain from the a masked son, her corpse before Rio made Rio must vomit.